Push with Notification.show()

I’d like to show a tray notification on push notification consumer browsers. Unfortunately when I attempt this, the notification pops up on the producer browser. How do I target the consumer browser for the Notification.show()?

I think you should have a look of that :


Thank you! I had used that page as an example, but dismissed the details because I don’t have my UI as a consumer, but rather a view as a consumer. I didn’t even notice the notifcation line.

Maybe i don’t understand what you really want.
In vaadin an UI is a instance of page of a brower.

This example sends a notification to all ui.
Maybe you have to customize it a little.

It’s possible you were answering a different question than I asked. Either way, you solved my problem. I was doing a Notification.show() in the consumer code, and seeing the notification appear in the producer’s browser. Constructing the Notification and doing a:


Solved the problem.