Push Problem

Hi everybody,

I need some help handling some push events in my application.

After restarting the application, this exception is thrown:

Session expired before push was disconnected. This should never happen

how can ich disconnect the push session when the application is closed?!

is there a way to disconnect all open push connections while starting the application?!

does nobody still got this problem?

Hi, this log message should actually be harmless. Which Vaadin version are you using?


i´m using Vaadin Version: 7.4.0

is there a way to disable this exception or to catch it?

Yes, upgrading to the latest 7.4 maintenance release (which if of course always a good idea anyway :)) The log message has been downgraded to FINER in 7.4.3 so should not be a problem anymore.

Maybe off topic a little, but I ll try to be clear and catch you Johannes while you are still in place! :slight_smile:
I have problem with CDI add on + Push (Push can not use Websocket protocol with CDI, just long-polling)
When I include CDI add-on, my client debug shows:

207ms Establishing push connection 278ms Push connection closed 281ms Push connection using primary method (websocket) failed. Trying with long-polling 308ms Push connection established using long-polling Without, transport protocol is websocket and everything is alright.
I couldn’t find solution on other posts on forum with this subject…

Thank you very much in advance!

Which Vaadin and CDI version are you using? Which server? There are some fundamental issues with CDI and websockets as the CDI spec assumes HTTP (eg. there’s no request scope or session scope with websockets.) Other related technologies such as JAAS are not websocket-compatible either. However, CDI should currently partially work with websockets (ticket

Thank you, sorry,

WildFly 8.2.final, (tried 9.0Cr1 also).
Vaadin 7.4.8 (tried, 7.5.0.beta3 and 7.6.0.alpha1)
CDI (latest.release) 1.0.2

Update: deployed same application on Tomcat 8.0 and same thing is happening again (everything point at VaadinCDIServlet I think). :frowning:

Could you open a ticket at
? With a minimal but complete test app if at all possible? Much appreciated.

Ok, I will!
Thank you once again

I created a ticket
. Hope that is enough.