Push in production mode does not work

we are building a web application with Vaadin 14 (14.0.4). Part of it is a progress display of a long running server-side task, for which we use manual push to get individual progress messages to the browser. When you run the application from the IDE (supposedly debug / non-production mode), everything runs perfect. Then we build the application in production mode, deploy the .war file on Tomcat 8 (8.5). Then, the progress display remains dead. Only a manual refresh of the browser (F5) makes the latest progress messages visible.
Side info: with Vaadin 13 everythin worked fine, also in production mode.

We are struggling to isolate the root cause. Is it a bug in Vaadin or are we missing some new config setting? Is it maybe something that Vaadin 14 requires when deployed on Tomcat?


  • Andreas

I am currently using Vaadin 14.0.11 with automatic push using the same broadcaster like described here : [https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/advanced/tutorial-push-broadcaster.html]
Works perfectly, have a look at [bingo.blafoo.de]