Push Error after updating vaadin application

Hi everybody,

i’ve just updated an old vaadin application to the newest vaadin version.
after starting the application i’m getting following console output:

“vaadin depends on Atmosphere 2.2.7.vaadin1 but version 2.2.9.vaadin2 was found.
This might cause compatibility problems if push is used.”

how can i solve this issue?

thank you very much

With Vaadin 7.7.x releases the correct versions are for server is 2.2.9.vaadin2 and client 2.2.13.vaadin5. You should not get error like you described. I recommend to clean the project (e.g. maven clean, maven update). It looks your depencies has not been resolved correctly.

unfortunately cleaning the project and deleting the local repository didn’t solve the problem :confused:

Your pom.xml looks correct at the first glance.

It still looks like you have vaadin-server jar 7.6.x there somewhere. It had Atmosphere 2.2.7.vaadin1. For some reason maven has loaded you right version of Atmosphere according to new server version. There may be two entries of vaadin-server jar causing this.

Do you have other modules in your project with conflicting depencies. Check also “mvn dependency:tree”.

in the dependency tree there are some entrys (e.g. vaadin-server 7.7.6) with a “omitted for conflict with 7.6.6” message.

could this be the problem?

Yes, you get that because for some reason there vaadin-server 7.6.6 still somewhere. You should cross check and eliminate that.