Pure Vaadin 8: CRUD Example: JPA

I previously worked in software for a decade and was a core Java developer and dba and did some UI development. I have been out of the industry for several years but have built several backend tools over the years in my new role. I am now trying to get back up to speed with Vaadin after building a GWT application that I have been using for several years. My challenge is that it seems that every tutorial seems to rely on using some other technology source to supplement Vaadin. Whether it is Spring or Maven or some other bootstrap approach, there always seems to be some reliance on some other external component to manipulate and create the code structure. In essence, it seems you can’t get there unless you use ‘x’. I am sure my perception is based on my ignorance and no offense is intended. Is there any example that provides a pure Vaadin start-to-finish sample? Regardless of my prior Java skills, I readily admit that being away from the day-to-day coding has left me rusty but I would greatly appreciate some assistance. I have used the built-in Maven projects to build the samples but it seems to omit the ability to transition to a real-world project with a deployable .war file. Again, this is probably me be returned to a novice and I greatly appreciate any guidance.