Publishing a Vaadin application?

Hi guys,

I created my first example web application with vaadin and also read the tutorials.

How I would like to publish everything to a real tomcat server and I ask myself 2 questions that I couldn’t find in the Book of Vaadin:

  1. When exporting my Eclipse project to a war file it seems to work locally. But I also see that the build path points to gwt-user.jar and gwt-dev.jar, which are both not included in the exported WAR file. Are those 2 jars needed in the published web application? Do I need to add them to my WAR file?

  2. Is it correct that “normal” web application will never have to run the google compiler and never have to run the “Compile the Vaadin Widgets” command unless they want to create new/own UI controls that are not part of the Vaadin widget set?

These are only needed for recompiling widgetset and thus not in war.


(But in practice, many “normal” application probably want to include some add-ons from the