Public Skype Chat


I started a public skype chat channel for Vaadin few minutes ago. Feel free to join:

This new channel doesn’t try to replace any existing channels (irc, forums, …), but will complement those.

  • joonas

Skype says, this function is no longer available :frowning:

Re-tested and it seems to be working well for me.

How did you open it - just clicked the above link?

Which version and operating system you are using?

My skype says: Michel Jung joined the chat 7:21 PM

You got it working? How?

I also tested the link at home. It just gives me this message

“Note: this feature is not available in the latest version of Skype for Windows.”

It must be that the persons using Windows Skype on the chat list have joined the channel when I initially drag-n-dropped multiple persons to the chat-list. So it seems that once you are on the chat, windows is fine, but the link to a open chat does not work with windows.

Hmmm… That is problematic.

I joined a few days ago, it worked, but it told me you were offline. On saturday I set up Windows 7, new Skype installation etc. then I couldn’t join anymore. On my Vista system I had an older Version of Skype.
When I try the link here, at work, the link is ok. But there’s no Skype installed :slight_smile:
I’ll try again at home.

Ok i think i got what it means:
The first time you open the link, you “confirm” to join the chat. The next times you do it, the site opens and immediately redirects to a page, that would open your skype chat window. But THIS feature is no longer available, not the chat!

Our options are: keep the skype chat open - even if it might always behave well on windows - or close the chat. I hope the skype can work these bugs out in their upcoming versions. Meanwhile - lets keep the chat open for all of us who can join.

I can reopen the vaadin chat under “Conversations” or something (don’t have skype here :))