Proxying Vaadin Spring Boot application and URL problem

Hi, we’ve developed a Vaadin Spring Boot app that works perfectly when we run it as is, but when we tried to run it behind Apache Proxy (so that requests to http://website/vaadin-app/ are forwarded to http://website:8080), we’ve got a problem: UI is rendered successfully, but the data can’t be fetched from the server. The error is: The requested URL /vaadinServlet/UIDL/ was not found on this server.

It looks like Vaadin doesn’t make relative requests, but rather absolute ones, so it tries to load http://website/vaadinServlet/UIDL/ instead of http://website/vaadin-app/vaadinServlet/UIDL/

What kind of configuration should I add to address this issue?

Have you tried configuration help from the previous forum discussions:

and this (Cookie path is important to remember)

This is exactly how we worked it around at the moment. But it’s just a work-around and not a real solution since we are adding some additional and unnecessary configuration to the Apache’s setup. And what we want to achieve is to configure Vaadin and/or Spring somehow so it sends requests to corrects paths (relative ones).