Proposal for reorganizing forums

The scale of the Vaadin forum has been growing quite a bit since the forum categorization was created. This has made using the categories quite hard and confusing. Some of the problems with the current categorization: Vaadin 7 is released shortly and with having a separate Vaadin 7 category the discussions of alphas and betas will be mixed other Vaadin discussions, client-side development is quite a separate thing, but now it is mixed in other discussions, general help and miscellaneous categories are huge, …

Here is a proposal for new categorization of topics. Would you like this better or worse than the current one?

  1. News & Announcements

  2. Server-side development

    Components, data-sources and API

  3. Browser-side development

    Google web toolkit (GWT), JavaScript and HTML5

  4. Add-ons

    How to use them, how to build them

  5. Theming

    CSS, SASS and discussion design

  6. Architecture

    Application Architecture, Integrations and Java EE

  7. Tools & Languages

    Other JVM languages, IDEs, testing and build systems

  8. Deployment

    Servers, portals and clouds

  9. Future and Feedback

    Developing the next version, big ideas and feedback

  10. Lounge

    Miscellaneous chat, show off what you have developed

  11. Events

    Meetups, user groups and conferences

  12. Jobs and projects

    Want to hire someone to help in your project?

  13. Discusión en español

    Discussion in Spanish

  14. Discussion en français

    Discussion in French

  15. Discussão em português

    Discussion in Portuguese

  16. Обсуждения на русском языке

    Discussion in Russian

  17. 在中國討論

    Discussion in Chinese

Looks quite logical

I like it better, but where is the separation of Vaadin 6 and Vaadin 7? The Vaadin 7 category should have two sub-categories
. If you don’t like these sub-categories, you can think about
selectable tags for the topic
. This would made it clear if it’s about alpha, beta or release. I’ve seen this in other forums and it helps a lot to clarify the things. An entry in the list would look like this i.e.:

[Vaadin 7 alpha 10]
 Problem with...    Andreas Lüdtke   2    123    2012-12-20 12:00:00

While you are working on the forum: could you please implement the features
Mark all messages as read
Show new messages since last login



Hi Joonas,

It looks perfect! But I’m agree with Andreas when he says that it could be a real separation between v6 and v7, the development is a little different, and may cause troubles in the resolution of problems related to one or another version.

Maybe a branch or parent section with all the sections that you put in your post for each stable version (previous, current) and another one for future releases, could be interesting.



If we would split all categories in Vaadin 6 and Vaadin 7, we would have quite a few more categories. What should then happen with Vaadin 8 or even 7.3?

Mark all messages read and show new since last login would be great. Hope we can implement them in Vaadin Forum - Discussion about Vaadin Flow and Hilla after we get the first stable version out.

You are right, after publish my post I think that the forum management would be a hell with that structure…

Added language categories to the forum.

Will re-organize the forum as soon as we can allocate couple of week in moving existing threads to new categories.

Selectable Tags for topics +1
new proposed forum-structure +1

Would be very helpful if all questions would contain some information about the affected version of Vaadin.