Proper SuperDevMode launching


I almost managed to get it working but a tiny bit is still left I suppose. I followed the book instructions, with this package structure:



  1. NewPikaterWidgetset.gwt.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE module PUBLIC "-//Google Inc.//DTD Google Web Toolkit 2.5.1//EN" "">
    <inherits name="com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet" />
    <inherits name="org.newpikater.appserver.vaadin.gui.widgetset.kinetic" />
    <!-- vaadin add-ons -->    
    <inherits name="com.wcs.wcslib.vaadin.widget.multifileupload.MultiFileUploadWidgetSet" />
    <inherits name="org.vaadin.peter.contextmenu.ContextmenuWidgetset" />
     Uncomment the following to compile the widgetset for one browser only.
     Multiple browsers can be specified as a comma separated list. The
     supported user agents at the moment of writing were:
     The value gecko1_8 is used for Firefox and safari is used for webkit
     based browsers including Google Chrome.
    <set-property name="user.agent" value="gecko1_8, safari"/>
     To enable SuperDevMode, uncomment this line.
     See for more
     information and instructions.
    <set-configuration-property name="devModeRedirectEnabled" value="true" />
  1. kinetic.gwt.xml:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE module PUBLIC "-//Google Inc.//DTD Google Web Toolkit 2.5.0rc1//EN"
    <inherits name="com.vaadin.Vaadin" />
    <inherits name="" />
    <inherits name="" />
    <source path="client.kineticgwt"/>
    <!-- avoids the script tag inclusion error when compiling the widgetset -->
    <set-configuration-property name='xsiframe.failIfScriptTag' value='FALSE'/>
    <!-- include the script -->
    <script src="kinetic-v4.7.3-dev.js"/>
    <!-- The entry-point for the client-side application. This is only applicable when developing a pure-client side application. -->
    <entry-point class="org.newpikater.appserver.vaadin.gui.widgetset.client.AppEntryPoint"/>

package org.newpikater.appserver.vaadin.gui.widgetset.client;


public class AppEntryPoint implements EntryPoint
    public void onModuleLoad()
        Window.alert("Wow, it works!");
        RootPanel.get().add(new Label("Wow, it works!"));
        // ClientVars.setPreviewBrowserEvents(); // adds a keyboard listener that keeps track of what keys are currently pressed

When I run the SuperDevMode launch with NewPikaterWidgetset as the target widgetset, start Tomcat and paste the application URL in my browser, I can see the dialog message “It’s working” (as declared in “”) but nothing else after that. A red rectangle with a waiting cursor appears and that’s where the application “hangs”. Probably some kind of an error…
I would much rather launch with the other module descriptor (“kinetic”) as it seems more logical to me but compilation of the module in SuperDevMode results in an error saying that “” can not be found, probably because it is not compiled as a standalone widgetset?

So, what am I doing wrong? Do I suspect correctly that I need to seperate these 2 widgetsets into 2 seperate packages? Are there some conventions about this not mentioned in the book (at the very least, I didn’t notice any)? How can I start developing a client-side application and have all the exceptions and errors display in Eclipse console log?