Programmatically open a new browser window

How to I programmatically open a new browser window (or tab)? In prevision versions, we have the following method in the Page class:, "_blank", true);

and the handleRequest (of the RequestHandler) could handle it.

something like UI.getCurrent().getPage().executeJavaScript(",'_blank')"); should do the same, although you might want to go thumbs-up this ticket:

Yes, I did thumps-up that ticket.
However, the JavaScript workaround won’t solve my problem because I wanted to generate some dynamic content in the handleRequest method,

I’m not sure how that would be different with The request handler chain is processed in the same way regardless of the Framework version, if I understand correctly. You could pass some URL parameters there if you wanted some dynamic behavior.

Ok, the request handler chain is called and that solves my problem.
Thank you.

For anyone looking at this thread, the framework now has UI.getCurrent().getPage().open(String url) to open a new browser window programatically.