profiling page load from A to Z


I am trying to implement a mechanism where we can gather statistics about how long it takes for a Vaadin page to complete its rendering on screen when a user navigates to it.

For example the user navigates to #MyPage, this triggers a number of widgets to be instantiated and each widget goes and loads its data from a data store somewhere. These widgets are then added to the page layout, the page constructor ends and i guess then the page data and structure is serialized to the browser. I am interested in capturing performance data on all this, so that when a page is slow to load we have detailed statistics on how long each widget took to complete its initialization etc.

Are there any hooks in Vaadin that allow me to do this? I dont want to modify any of our widgets or pages for this, hoping i can perhaps override some pre-post methods somewhere, or hook into things with aspectj if really needed.