Just wondering how many support packages you actually have sold so far…? 1-10 per year?

Hi Anonymous,

I think you should contact sales, or just leave you contact information here and I’ll pass it to them so they can get back to you.

(This forum is not usually used for the commercial side of things, and I don’t even know if the right people that can provide you with answers hang around here very often…)

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Of course you have some idea how many packages you have sold so far. In a micro company like IT Mill, everyone should know everything (or something is seriously wrong with your company).

Hi anonymous,

I am sorry, but we will not publicly disclose the number of different product packages and subscriptions sold. As a whole (counting all IT Mill Toolkit related expert service, subscription and license sales) - the IT Mill is profitable. We are investing all the profits to product development and try to listen you as carefully as possible to make IT Mill Toolkit as good as we can.

As you said, we are a fairly small company - 32 persons at the moment (working on/with IT Mill Toolkit). As an Open Source product, the resources and effort we put into the product is substantial.

If you have more questions or proposals about the financial and business side of IT Mill, you can contact me directly. My cell phone number is +358-40-5035001.

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Joonas Lehtinen