Production mode problems

I am part way through developing my app which I have been testing in dev mode. I now want to try it on a local server which is not U/Linux or Windows and does not have maven. I have followed the basic instructions and have successfully created a production jar file. It runs okay just starting it with java -jar. When I view the main page with Firefox or Chromium it works but the styles do not seem to work. Most importantly, a grid I show appears as a horizontal line only, i.e. squashed flat.

Looking at the jar file I notice than in META-INF I have resources, and in there I have frontend-es5 and frontend-es6. I’m not sure if this is correct but it seems hopeful. When I use IE11 to access the site then I get the message ‘Internet Explorer 11 requires Vaadin Flow to be run in production mode’.

So I think I am close but not quite there.

Is it possible to do what I am attempting - just using java -jar? I did add vaadin.productionMode as a parameter but that did not appear to make any difference.

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks, Mark.

I have now solved this. I’m not sure what was wrong, perhaps my resources were not in quite the right place in my project hierarchy, though it all worked in dev mode.

What I did was to create a fresh Spring-boot project from the and then copy my code and styles into it.

It works in IE11, though my grid does not render as well as in Firefox. The top row seems to be mostly hidden under the header line.