Production mode Material design

Hello can you help me with material and production mode?

I create small example

And issue on gradle-vaadin-flow

Can you explain to me why I have different styles in different modes

Demo mode

Production mode

I’ve also had this same issue where styles are inconsistent between debug and production mode. This isn’t always the case, sometimes the styles are correct in production mode, sometimes they aren’t. It only seems to affect colours and fonts, I haven’t noticed inconsistencies in other styling areas.

I try use maven plugin
The result is already better. Lumo does not interfere with Material Design.

But I just can’t understand one thing.I have two independent views.

LoginView & HomeView

I connect a paper-slider on homeview.


Why do paper-sider styles affect LoginView?
It feels like the styles are going into one big CSS and are accessible to all, whether they are needed regardless or not.
Is it possible to separate them?