ProcessingSVG - Determining the clicked object


I am testing the ProcessingSVG component and it looks great. Looking at the demo 1 here

all the clicks are passed to the canvas, so the canvas is responsible to move the circle overriding methods as we see in:

	public void mouseMoved() {

		nX = mouseX;
		nY = mouseY;

I would like to know if it is possible to override such function for an specific object, and not for all the canvas. This is, in the second demo here:

the clicks seem to be passed to each object, so we can click on each object to grab it and move it around.

I would like to know how to do it avoiding to test one object after another myself.

PS: I finally found the demo2 source code and it looks like the canvas search on what object the click has been done (if there is an object there). Is there a way to override the mouse family methods (like the mouseMoved method) to avoid this?

Thank you very much