Problems with web.xml

Hello all!
This is my first post here!

I’ve started play (lets say working, sounds better!) with vaadin almost 1 month ago and I really find the server-side idea, really cool! I’ve deployed some little application with GWT 2.3 but this one, the one that i’m developing now, is a little bit more complicated.

I’m quite new to the Web Application world and I’m asking you some clarifications about the Web.xml file, specially the servlet mapping section

I’m serving css and images of vaadin themes dynamically and I’ve replaced the default vaadin servlet with one of mine.

I’ve tried this configuration




This configuration will trigger my servlet on every call to a path that will start with “/Monitor”.
My WebContent folder has this structure:

Until the client calls
, the servlet will serve images and audio from they’re real path as the images is linked with an ExternalResource to “images/image.png” so the Browser will try to get
, and the same for the audio.

Now, if the client accidentaly calls
the servlet will serve images from
that does not exists.

How can I achive this? How can I avoid this behaviour? With different servlet mapping?

I tryied “extact match” mapping , trying to map the servlet to
but then the UIDL will complain about that with the big red message “Cannot read UIDL from Server…”

If this is a dumb question, well, sorry about that! :grin:

Thank you very much in advance,

I’m not sure this is actually related to web.xml, which looks ok to me.

If the client calls /Monitor then the browser will be loading your app, not images or anything else. Are you trying to show images within your application and they’re not displaying correctly? If so, then it’s just a problem with the way you’re creating the image URL, as they can be retrieved normally through a request to them directly as you’ve already seen.