problems with touchkit added to an existing vaadin application

Please help me out

I have a working Vaadin application and I would like to add mobile support using the touchkit.
I understand that I need to add another UI and to override the getUI method in UIprovider, however the problem is that I can’t be using the same widgetset for both UI’s as the first UI is for desktop users. If I use the widgetset with the touchkit, I get my web-application running on mobile mode eventhough it is used with a desktop.

Let me show you :
While the only thing I made in the code is adding the touchkit dependency on Maven , it treats my entire app as being displayed in mobile - see images

So I was thinkning that the way to resolve this issue is by using different widgetsets to the different UIs but I have no clue as for how to do it .

I appreciate your help.