Problems with the Grid Editor

I am having a few issues with the Grid Editor in the latest 7.6.5 build of Vaadin. As a note, up until this point, I have been using the 7.6.alpha2 build, so it isn’t all that surprising that issues are suddenly occuring.

The first issue I am having is trying to identify when the Editor opens and closes. The reason I need to know is simple, when the editor opens I disable the entire page (which are various panels) via the EventBus. So, when it opens, I fire a disable everything event, then when it closes I fire an enable everything event. Further, each row can display different types of data, so I need to enable/disable various TextFields based on the rows data type. Hence, it is important for me to know when the editor jumps between rows. Previously, the Editor Listener worked great for this, but now this feature seems to be removed. I found
another thread dealing with this issue
, but there is no resolution there either.

On a similar note, I need to be able to control the tab stops within the editor. A manilla grid works great, but once I add all my weird features the tabbing no longer works all that well. For example, I have 3 collumns that are rendered as buttons. While I have sent them as Editable(false), when tabbing it still tries to focus on it, although there is no cursor there. In short, I need to press tab twice to get past them, but the first time puts the cursor somewhere that I can’t see. Then, when I hit the last cell of the row and press tab, rather than going to the first cell of the next row, it first goes to the last cell of the next row but pressing tab again sends me back to the first cell. This is odd behavior that may be caused by some of my code, but I’m not sure yet.

If anyone has had any luck with this, please share your secrets.