Problems with @Push

Hello, im doing web chat app and its all ok. Besides when i add @Push to main View class i get this exception


As the exception says you should move push annotation to a class implementing appshellconfigurator

I have only 2 classes , should i show them?

I suppose you have a view class and the one with main method

And the Storage class

Which is small custom ‘Storage’

If so, simply create a new class implementing AppShellConfigurator and put push annotation there


public class Custom implements AppShellConfigurator {

like that?


Damn man, it worked

But like how

Does the whole implementation of this AppShellConfigurator is underneath?

At boot Flow scans classpath for an AppShellConfigurator interface implementation and reads annotations from that class

I see, thanks for the help

Oh yeah and after i`ve done some work and got an another question. Is Vaadin version 24.0.0.alpha9 is correct for SpringBoot 3+?

yes, you can use Vaadin 24 pre-release versions with Spring Boot 3. Vaadin 23 is not compatible with Spring Boot 3

I can an error, that Vaadin version can not be found. Im trying to set version in maven like this: