Problems with publishing my add-on

I have prepared my first addon, which I am happy to share in the directory.
So I followed the steps as described in and added the required attributes to manifest file.
After uploading the file and completing the form, I am not able to Publish the add-on, as it mentions “The add-on is missing information and cannot be published as-is.”

But I am missing the hint of what is actually missing. Who can help me?


This may or may not be helpful: If you are an Eclipse user, I’ve found that the easiest way of making a working package is simply to open the context menu for a project and choose Export… > Vaadin Add-on Package.

For my most recent add-on update, I’ve used the following MANIFEST.MF file (which is in the WebContent/META-INF/ folder in my Eclipse project, in the final jar it is under /META-INF/)

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Implementation-Title: FilterableTwinColSelect
Implementation-Version: 1.0.1
Vaadin-Package-Version: 1

Sorry to say, but this does not work for me. The export dialog somehow does not work, it just does nothing when I click export. No errors reported.

Adding the empty classpath attribute does not seem to help. The other attributes I had already added to the manifest file before.

What else surprises me, is that when I try to upload a slightly updated jar with a new version number, it is accepted at first and the version number appears in the directory portal, but after saving changes the new version of my plugin has diosappeared from the directory.

Any more suggestions?


Hi Mark,

I saw that you finally got your add-on published. As discussed in the separate e-mail discussion, we will investigate what was the original issue in Directory.

  • Teemu

We rolled out a new version of Directory today, which improves validation in the add-on authoring form.

This update should prevent such problems in the future.

  • Teemu