problems with javax > jakarta migration and VaadinRequest

I’m upgrading to Vaadin 24 from 22. I had to update to SpringBoot 3, for which I had to migrate from Java EE to Jakarta EE, and so update the namespace from javax* to jakarta.* Now I find that I have a call to vaadinRequest.getCookies(), and VaadinRequest uses the old namespace: javax.servlet.http.Cookie. What can I do about this?

VaadinRequest in Vaadin 24 uses jakarta.servlet.http.Cookie

Please, double check that you are not importing an older version of flow-server.
For example, it may be a transitive dependency of an add-on that has not been ported to Vaadin 24


it was silliness on my part–was messing around with build.gradle and I had the vaadin version set to 22