Problems with ICEPush


i´ve tried to use the ICEPush Plugin and used this instruction:

but i get this error:

13.12.2012 09:15:31 com.example.synchronisationmanagement.SynchronisationmanagementApplication init SCHWERWIEGEND: null
java.lang.RuntimeException: PushContext not initialized. Did you forget to use ICEPushServlet?

can somebody help me?

i´ve attached my web.xml as an image. i´ve got some problems posting xml-code :slight_smile:

Could you show us the source code of the init method where the exception occurred?

In order to use the ICEpush functionality, you have to create an instance of ICEpush and add it to the main window i.e.

of course:

private ICEPush pusher = new ICEPush();

pusher.push();     <---- exception

What happens, if you move the “pusher.push();” to the main window? I.e. as a reaction of pressing a button.

Why do you want to push inside the application?

the push method is called after an observer event. i think this should be the same as a button click event.

no idea?!

I know this post is a bit old, but i just faced the same error.

Has anyone being able to solve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have same error,
Any body help me to solve this error,