Problems with generated Table columns.


I have set up the following method for creating a generated column. It works ok, but the problem is, the last item on the row gets the Error label. Always the last item, it doesnt matter what items I set up, and if I add a new one, the one that was last gets the icon, and the new one gets the error label. Here is my code.

    public Object generateCell(Table source, Object itemId, Object columnId) {
            System.out.println(source.getContainerDataSource().getContainerProperty(3, "State"));
            Property prop = source.getContainerDataSource().getContainerProperty(itemId, "State");
            if (prop.getValue().equals("Offline")) {
                    Resource stop = new ThemeResource("icons/stop16.png");
                    Image image = new Image("Offline", stop);
                    return image;
            }else if (prop.getValue().equals("Online")){
                    Resource start = new ThemeResource("icons/accept16.png");
                    Image image = new Image("Online", start);
                    return image;
            return new Label("Error");     

Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance.