Problems with buttons in Chrome and Internet Explorer

I’m developing a web application with Vaadin and I have discover that sometimes, buttons don’t work properly in Chrome and Internet Explorer. In Firefox my application works fine.

I can’t find the reason or a behaviour pattern wich could explain what happens. Sometimes it start when I log into the application, and sometimes the buttons are working fine, and suddenly stop working properly. I debug on the server and I check that the click event of the buttons is not fire when this happens.

I am currently using Vaadin 7.0.7 but this problem appeared with 7.0.x versions.

Has anyone had this kind of problem?

I’m not an expert on that topic and i never had this problem myself but i once read that there was a problem with zoom related to chrome and i think also IE. Maybe your problem has a similar source.

Did you try updating to Vaadin 7.1.0?
And when it happens, does it affect all buttons or just few.
When it happens again can you look if maybe another component lays over the button (using a Browser Developer Tool like Firebug)

Thanks Marius,

I update today to Vaadin 7.1.0 but the problem continues. Only affect a few buttons (and all have in common the BaseTheme.BUTTON_LINK style). And when it happens there is no changes in the component (not another components lays over the button).

I’m searching about this zoom problem in case it could help me.

Please use the network tab of your browser’s debug tools to see whether the browser makes a request when you click a button; also check the console to see if there are any warnings or errors there. Or use Vaadin’s debug window (append “?debug” to the URL).