Problems updating to Vaadin 6.8.0


i don’t know if i have overseen something but i have some problems with the new Vaadin version.

I am using Netbeans for developing an vaadin enterprise application. To be able to use the new features from
vaadin 6.8.0 i have added the jar file to the class library and removed the 6.7.5.

After that i copied the themes to my webcontent folder. I also have re-compiled the widget-set which wasn’t a problem at all.
Then i recompiled the project.

But when i start the application with the ?debug parameter i get the following message:

Starting Vaadin client side engine. Widgetset: CmsWidgetSet
Widget set is built on version: 6.8.0
Starting application CMSV8-64252299

Vaadin application servlet version: 6.7.5

Application version: NONVERSIONED

Warning: your widget set seems to be built with a different version than the one used on server. Unexpected behavior may occur.

If i turn it all back with version 6.7.5 there is no problem at all.

How do i have to update the application servlet version?

I hope somebody could help, it’s driving me crazy…

Thanks in advance.

Frederik T.

Sounds like you did the recompile widgetset, which is the root solution, but then you need to also make sure the new widgetset code has been moved to your test stage area where your webapp is running. Some systems may copy them automatically to the deployment directory where your web server runs, but if not, you may have to copy them over after the rebuild.

In Eclipse, it typically will install it automatically, but I have had times when I had to manually remove the previous widgetsets and such to get it re-deploy.

My suspicion: you have both the old and the new Vaadin JAR on the server side and the old one happens to be first on the classpath.
This may also happen because of some caches or working directories on your server for the application were not cleaned for whatever reason.

I had the same problem and it turned out to be the existence of two different Vaadin versions in my dependency tree.