Problems in display values at Paged Table

I am using paged table(0.6.4) addon in vaadin7(beta).

 I am unable to display the values from the Indexed Container at paged table since it working fine with vaadin6.

Error: java.lang.AbstractMethodError: com.jensjansson.pagedtable.PagedTableContainer.getItemIds(II)Ljava/util/List;

Can anyone help?

I’m having the same problem. Could you fix it?

The add-on has probably been compiled against a different Vaadin 7 alpha/beta version than the one you are using and some APIs have changed since then (assuming you are using PagedTable 0.6.4 and some Vaadin 7 beta). Solution: get the add-on author to port it to the latest beta or download the source code and compile/port it yourself.

PagedTable (like FilteringTable) might depend on some normally internal APIs that are subject to more changes than the public APIs.

I’ll answer my own question just in case someone has the same issue:

  1. download the 0.6.4 jar
  2. extract the 2 java classes (PagedTable and PagedTableContainer)
  3. PagedTableContainer is missing an implementation:
    @Override public List<?> getItemIds(int startIndex, int numberOfItems) { return container.getItemIds(startIndex, numberOfItems); }
  4. either recompile the jar or add the java classes to your project

That works for me!!