Problems at reload / HTML5 Audio

Hi Sami,

firstly let me thank you for including this add-on. Unfortunately, we currently cannot use the add-on, as it does not work for us. I tried the example code and included the gwt-sound.jar and soundplayer.jar in WEB-INF/lib and at widget compile-time.
We’re trying to use this add-on for a professional web application to play an alarm sound if a certain thing happens.
The log only says [quote]
[/quote] (if I’m not mistaken) and is not playing anything.

Also the demo application has problems after having more than one of this application in different browsers (!) or if pushed F5 (refresh) after it begins playing.
Can you please assist a bit and give us a hint? Any help is appreciated.

A different way of playing sound via vaadin would be using the HTML5 audio tag, which is nicely working in chrome, ff and ie. Then you would just simply use some HTML code instead of the long javascript code and the iframe. Could you recommend that or would you discourage us from using that?

Thank you and please feel free to answer here or via e-mail.

Bye, Janos