Problem with Vaadin Icons and checkboxes in Internet Explorer - Weblogic 1

Hy, I have a problem with Vaadin Icons and checkoxes.

  • The symptom:
    When is the first time the vaadin app is loaded works fine, but when the page is reloaded does not work the following:

    • Vaadin Icons
      • The icons are not shown
    • Checkboxes
      • Checkboxes are not selected when you click them
    • Some components with Icons like ComboBox and DateFile:
      • When is the first time the page is loaded:
      • When is reloaded:
  • The scenario:
    The application is in Vaadin 8, is deployed in Weblogic 12c and is protected with “Oracle single sign on”

  • Any idea of what may be happening?

  • Beforehand thank you very much.

This is a known feature in Internet Explorer 11, with certain settings it does not load webfonts.

See more discussion and how to configure here

and here

Thanks Tatu for the answer, i tried the works around( moving the meta tag X-UA-Compatible on first position and create the NoCacheHeaderFilter) but the problem persist.
If I deploy the app in tomcat it works fine and if I deploy the app in Weblogic 12c without Single Sign On also it works fine.
Te problem only appears if I Use Internet Explorer + Weblogic 12c + Oracle Single Sign On. And this is the configuration that I need to use. = (

I would appreciate it another idea. = )


I have the same problem Luis Cordón.

I tried moving meta-tag and NoCacheHeaderFilter and no work.