Problem with Vaadin 7 + IE11 + UriFragmentChangedListener

I have two apps (X, Y), where X calls Y with different HTTP parameters and values, Y should create different user interface per different use case. Now, IE11+Vaadin7 instantiates a new Vaadin UI instance (init called) for every incoming request, it cannot find the existing one.

More precise, With Vaadin7 + UriFragmentChangedListener, new UI is created for every incoming request with IE11. Instead of getting UriFragmentChangedEvent to registered UriFragmentChangedListener, new UI is initiated. With Chrome everything works. What am I doing wrong? How could I solve my problem?

protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {

    new UriFragmentChangedListener() {

        public void uriFragmentChanged(UriFragmentChangedEvent event) {

I have similar problem with using another approach:
Vaadin7+IE11+RequestHandler (new UI is instantiated with every call)
Vaadin6+IE+ParameterHandler worked well.

I would appreciate if someone could help me, I have used so much time for this.