Problem with upload component on tomcat

I have problem with using upload component. I tried example from Book of vaadin named “MyUploader” and it doesn’t work. Is there any special configuration for tomcat to uploading files ?

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Nothng special is required…

What is happening ?

Im a beginner and don’t be sure what i should show you.
I added MyUploader to formlayout and it appears ok.
When i choose file i have "com.vaadin.ui.Upload$NoOutputStreamEvent[source=com.vaadin.ui.Upload@7d6ac92e]
" from FailedEvent and errors of ObjectOutputStream in a server log.

Maybe its something to set in server.xml to share a folder for application upload ? or elsewhere? Please help me, because im stuck :confused:


there is nothing special to configure in tomcat.
Does your tomcat log files show some errors ?