Problem with TextFields in IE11

I am trying to upgrade from Vaadin 7.2.5 to 7.6.4 and have found an annoying problem that only appears to happen with IE11.

Not every time, but sometimes when a user clicks a TextField to enter text, the field does get focus (I can see the focus style has been applied) however the field cannot be typed into, and the input box doesn’t appear to have focus. If you then double click the input box the text selector appears in the field and you can then type / delete etc… as normal.

This is happening in different applications on different forms, and on basic TextFields.

Has anyone else encountered this? I don’t really want to have to roll back to 7.2.5, but we can’t have users with IE11 having to double click to enter text into TextFields.

I’ve found what was causing the problem. It was down to a jquery plugin. Elsewhere on the website the icheck jquery plugin had been used and this was somehow causing the above problem in TextFields.