Problem with tabs and amcharts


We’re in the process of designing a new site using vaadin and amcharts (
Currently it’s only a local install so I can’t provide a url.

We added an amchart.swf as an embedded type and the chart works fine

But when we add the embedded type to a tab, and click anywhere on the page, the entire tabsheet disappears without any errors.

There’s nothing in the logs to indicate the cause of the problem.

Any ideas what the problem is?


Sounds really strange and should not happen. Please provide more details: which browser? have you set explicit (pixel) size to embedded?

To get this sorted out asap, I would encourage you to
post a ticket with a test application demonstrating the problem in default theme
. Good side of writing a test application is that it is quite likely that you find the problem by yourself in the process.

A few more details.

Yes, the embedded object has explicit pixel dimensions.
It happens with multiple browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) and multiple OS (Linux, Win 7, Vista).

We have discovered that when you click on another tab item it manages to fire the paramater handler code for some unknown reason. If we remove the code from the parameter handler it works fine.

When we get around to opening a ticket and test app I will update this thread.

Can you briefly explain how to connect amCharts and vaadin?

could you tell us how to integrate amCharts with vaadin?
In fact, i’m doing a comparative study of several charting api and i’m tested their integration with vaadin.
Thank you