Problem with size


i have a big problem with the correct sizing in my application.

I have a horizontal layout. In this layout i want 2 tables and one OpenLayers component.
On the left side the 2 tables shouble be vertical orientated. On the right side i want
the OpenLayers component.
The left side and the right side should have the same width an hight, and here is my problem!
I could set the width of the tables to 100% but i have to set the width of OpenLayers component
as pixel.

Could anyone help me with this problem?

If I understood correctly, you should achieve desired effect by using GridLayout - 2 rows, 2 columns with the OpenLayers component spanning across two rows. You should invoke setSizeFull() on all components, including the GridLayout itself. You should also use setRow/ColumnExpandRatio methods of GridLayout to set the same ratio for both rows and both columns.

If what I said is not clear enough, I’ll post a code snipplet here :wink: