Problem with OptionGroup - Won't display Options

Hi there,

first off, I’m not that good in java. So sorry if I make a few dumb mistakes.

I’m right now in the process of making multiple classes for a project of mine. Before that I had one class in which everything gets configured and then added to the overall UI.

It consisted of a few OptionGroups and a few Accordions.

Now, I capsuled the Accordions into their own classes and everything worked fine.

When I started on the OptionsGroups, it did unfortunately not.

When I had one big Class I just created a new OptionGroup and gave it a caption and a List. The List was used for the Options in the Group. All was well.

Now, when I create a new class, I want the OptionGroup to be selfcontaining, so I want to code in the choices it gets.

But I can’t find the Methods that are necessary to bind the List into the OptionGroup.

I can add the Caption just fine, It diplays like it always did. But the Choices won’t display. I guess it is because I just don’t know what the correct Method is to give the OptionGroup it’s Data.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Tahnks in Advance!