Problem with forums

Database behind this forum has crashed. Badly. My apologies for everyone who’s messages or account have been affected.

It might be that information has been permanently lost - we’ll switch to another DB to be safe in the future.

Marko will be reporting here on when this issue has been resolved and if we could recover any data.

All forum messages between 15.8. and 4.9. were lost. I was unable to recover any data, as it seems that JForum had stopped writing data to the database around 15.8. and kept everything only in memory. Yes, it’s a severe problem.

I made some changes to the JForum database parameters last week so that it should be more eager to write its data to the database, but did not quite yet make any software updates because of migration problems with the database. The forum will hopefully work ok, as it has worked most of the time before, but there is a possibility that some data loss occurs again. We’ll make more proper upgrades soon.

Please do not post right now. May take just a few minutes, but could take longer. Changing the server configuration.

The downtime is over.

Forum’s database is now changed from standalone to server mode, which hopefully helps with the experienced data loss.

We’ll have to migrate the forum to another DB engine later.