Problem with Flash in a Vaadin application using TouchKit add-on


I’m writing a series of demonstrations applications using Vaadin and Groovy with different environments/frameworks (Grails, Liferay, Google App Engine, etc.). Now I’m trying to create the same demonstration with the TouchKit add-on.
To have a preview of that demonstration in Google App Engine look here:
Note that in the second tab, I use a Flash component: the swf file if fetched using a ClassResource and an Embedded instance (with the reference to this ClassResource) is added on the layout.

So I adapted the application and use in others things, TouchLayouts. The new application deployed in Tomcat works well: the Flash is well displayed
in its own TouchLayout
But there is a problem when I trigger the back button: we navigate to the preceding layout but the Flash does not disappear, as it was stuck!
Is there restrictions on components that could be on a TouchLayout? Or any idea about this problem?


Bertrand Goetzmann