Problem with Filter on Griid Version 8xx

If somebody can give some clear explanation how one can filter the Vaadin Grid 8?
There is only explanation on this page.
But the casting of the DataProvider is not working directly
I have the some class(Here is only some example Text-column)

public class Notes implements Serializable {
private String description;
  public String getDescription() {
        return description;
      public void setDescription(String description) {
        this.description = description;

And the Grid Class

public class NewNotesGrid extends Grid<Notes> {
public NewNotesGrid() {

I have the Dataprovider

public class NewNotesDataProvider extends FilterablePageableDataProvider<Notes, Object>{   

Grir and DataProvider are working perfectly and showing some datas.

With an attempt to make the Text Filter on the Grid which is described on the high mentioned page:
private void onNameFilterTextChange(HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<String> event) { ListDataProvider<Notes> dataProvider = (ListDataProvider<Notes>) notesGrid.getDataProvider(); dataProvider.setFilter(Notes::getDescription, s -> caseInsensitiveContains(s, event.getValue())); }
I get the casting error:
java.lang.ClassCastException: com.notes.frontend.home.ui NewNotesDataProvider cannot be cast to

Maybe somebody can give the clear explanation how one can build the Text Filter on the Grid Vaadin 8***?

there is some more reference:!/thread/15295682/15296445

but how getallYourObjects() typically looks like?

Your casting wont work if FilterablePageableDataProvider is not descendant of ListDataProvider, but I assume you can cast to NewNotesDataProvider if it implements the interfaces needed. I assume you have implemented your custom Grid to use it.

Thank you, Tatu Lund!
It was helpful.
By the way… There is some small mistake in the Vaadin page about the Grid-Filter:!/thread/15295682/15296445

columnPredicate = yourObject -> (yourObject.getColumn1().equals(filterColumn1.getValue()) && yourObject.getColumn2().equals(filterColumn2.getValue()));
        return columnPredicate;

For this filter to be worked one have to change "