Problem with compiling code on Glassfish server

hey together,

when i try to compile my code in eclipse i will get the following problem

cannot Deploy Mina
deploy is failing=Error occurred during deployment: Exception while deploying the app [Mina]
: Servlet [org.mina.MinaUI$Servlet]
and Servlet [org.mina.gui.views.TestapiUI$Servlet]
have the same url pattern:
[/]. Related annotation information: annotation [@javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet(loadOnStartup=-1, initParams=[]
, urlPatterns=, displayName=, name=, largeIcon=, description=, asyncSupported=true, smallIcon=, value=
])] on annotated element [class org.mina.gui.views.TestapiUI$Servlet]
of type [TYPE]
. Please see server.log for more details.

may someone help me?

Thank you for your answer!

It does not seem a compile problem; insted you have a deploy problem because you define to servlets for the same url pattern.
Try to change the value attribute of then @WebServlet annotations on TestapiUI$Servlet or MinaUI$Servlet to a more specific url pattern

Thank you for your Help, fix the problem!