Problem when calling Application start() method manually

I have a situation where the application have to be inited before its page is visited. I tried to solve this calling the start-method (with URL e.g. “http://localhost:8080/ctx/App” and with context of calling app) of this appication manually from other running application. After the start-call the App was inited, but when I typed the URL above into browser the App was inited again. So, question is: how to call start() such that the App will be inited only once?

This is not supported, and thus not recommended. ApplicationServlet handles application starting behind the scenes (more specifically ApplicationServlet.getNewApplication()) - I’d leave that functionality as-is, and try to find another solution.
For instance, if you need to ‘pre-initialize’ some data in app-1 so that it’s already available when app-2 inits, you can init the data in app-1 and store it in the session, then retrieve it in app-2.init().

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