Problem running TouchKit Demo tutorial

I’m giving a try to Thomas’ demo
tutorial on TouchKit
Around 1:52 he adds a dependency on artifact addressbook-backend which i’m not able to find. Any hints?
Sorry if this is trivial, as I’m new to both vaadin and maven, but it’s a blocking point for me.
Cheers, Marian

The video wasn’t intended as a tutorial, more like an overview on what’s it like to program with TouchKit (i.e. very similar to normal Vaadin, with some added features). The back-end was a minor detail to concentrate the video on the UI side of things, since it represents only data handling. The dependency isn’t publicly available.

Since the video isn’t intended to be followed as-is, you’d be better off reading our chapter on TouckKit in Book of Vaadin:

Many thanks for the fast answer and the link.

Or follow this TouchKit tutorial: