problem regarding load balancing

Hey Vaadin Team,

I’m new to Vaadin, and currently using it to build an internal web application.

The problem I have right now is, we have a bunch of servers behind a VIP (virtual IP address), then using load balancer to dispatch requests to different servers. Clearly I can see Vaadin pops up a lot of session expirations.

By checking the log files, I saw load balancer dispatched some requests to Server 1, and some others to Server 2, I guess that would be the cause.

I searched the Google for such problem, people would recommend using session stickiness, but our company internal policy is to not use session stickiness at all, because it is not scalable, and not cause session traffic.

I’m wondering is there any other way can solve this problem without using session stickiness.

Any help would be appreciated.


It sounds like your company internal policy is to not let you write any applications that store information in a session, so there’s not really a workaround (see below). Vaadin needs to store its information in the user’s session. The alternative is to put that logic in the Javascript in the browser using some other framework, but IMO that’s insecure if any of your logic depends on back-end information.

There actually is a workaround, but it’s ridiculous in this case: setting up the servers as a cluster with session failover so that session state is replicated from one server to another. But that’s a huge hassle with a
more traffic, so I’d suggest trying to see if you can get the policy changed at all.