problem in perameter on table component


i want to create a pop up table with detials on click of particular talbe cell. So i am taking table cell value in to a parmeter and trying to use that parameter in sql fetch query. but i am not able to get any data may be i am doing wrong in passing parameter or assignin it.

code is bellow to get test of first column & assigning it to parameter “pramBW” and pop up another table.

function f(e){

$(‘#Stable’).find(‘tr’).click( function(){

paramBW = $(this).find(‘td:first’).text();
// alert (“paramBW”+paramBW);
//alert ('paramservice ’ + paramservice);



and sql query…
need to select level from emp_bench_domain_details where business_wait_flag = ${paramBW};
but queary is not factching any data.

kindly help me out!
need your support.

Thanks in Adavnced!
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