problem in forwrding from a general srvlet to vaadin servlet

Hi All,

I am trying to forward by using requestdispatcher.forward() to a vaadin servlet. The vaddin-servlet service method is getting called but the page is not coming

I have developed my login page in is a GWT form .on submit of the form one servlet (non rpc/normal servlet)is getting call which is calling vaadin-servlet. but the page is not coming but service method is getting called.

Both GWT and vaadin code is in a single app…mean to say a single war file.

Can anybody please tell me what and where i am missing something?


Hi! Sounds you have a special setup that might require some deeper debugging. Some pointers:

  • Does the page load? There is a small HTML in Vaadin application that hosts the client-side code (same as GWT).
  • If yes, check the URLs that are generated point to the right place.

Also, you might consider using a HTTP redirect instead forward.