Problem getting Scala running properly with Vaadin

I’m working through the examples of programming Vaadin with Scala. I got a table to show up in a container. But when I tried to populate the table rows, I get

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: scala.Function1

If I add items individually, it works but using a for loop throws the exception. I narrowed it down to any for loop. eg:
var j:Int = 0
for (i:Int ← 1 to 2) {
fails as well. Running the same code as a Scala application works.

I’m new to both Scala and Vaadin and had trouble setting it up to work at all so maybe have some jar incompatibilities. Any suggestions most appreciated

How did you setup your project? Gradle? Would be nice if you would give some more insights.

I followed the tutorial process. Created a vaadin 7 project (java) then added a scala nature. It looks like it sucked in ivy for dependency management. Sorry for the brevity. I’m new to the eclipse/java world after years in c# land