Problem acces home page after submit login

I post my problem because I haven’t find a problem like mine on web.
I use Vaadin 14.0, spring boot and it’s a maven project.

I’ve implemented the login feature in my application with spring security.
I’ve no problem, I manage to log to my application and the home page is displayed
after clicking on the submit button in the loggin page.

But sometimes I don’t manage to acces to the home page directly :
My problem is present after clear my browser cache.

When I click on the submit button instead of display the home page,
I display the icon of my application.
In the url of my browser instead to have “http://localhost:8080/
I have “http://localhost:9090/icons/icon-180x180.png?1447755412”.

And if I click the previous button of my browser, the url change in “http://localhost:8080/” and
of course the home page is displayed.

If the problem was present only in development mode it wouldn’t be a problem but
it’s exist in production mode too.

Have you already have this problem ?

One possible cause is that you are using a SavedRequestAwareAuthenticationSuccessHandler but you are not bypassing spring-security for icons by calling webSecurity.ignoring().antMatchers("/icons/**")

GREAT! That work well.
Thank you for your very very quick answer. :slight_smile: