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Im planning to acquire license for the Pro Tool subscription. I would llike to ask, if I subscribe to a monthly rate which is $39/month for 24 months. after the 24-month period does it mean that I wont be able to use them? and I need to subscribe again for the next 24 months? what will happen to the tools that I purchased If I already deployed the project for my client?

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Whenever you do development or maintenance for systems using our commercial add-ons you’ll need a valid license. One way or the other. Subscription is one way to do it and getting a license for life from the Vaadin Directory is another.
This being said, quite typical to see people having subscriptions while active development and switching over to licenses for life when code base is freezed and all library versions are fixed.
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so it’s better to purchase a license for life than a monthly subscription…


I’ll just drop in a comment to clarify Ville’s mention “when all library versions are fixed”, just in case it’s not obvious. The reason is that CVAL 3 licenses are valid for a specific major version number of a product, so if you find need to upgrade to a newer major version during development, it’s free with the subscription, but not with a perpetual license.

Also as Ville said, you need a current license for any development and maintenance work, but (again if it wasn’t obvious) not for deploying and running the product. So if your client just deploys and runs the product, they don’t ever need a separate license for that. Except if they need to do maintenance themselves. See!/thread/232869/8534874 for more discussion on that.

…just to avoid any disappointments.


Thanks guys for the comment… really appreciate it.

I see that Vaadin Spreadsheet is not listet at the pro tool subscription:

Vaadin Charts ✓ ✓ ✓
Vaadin TouchKit ✓ ✓ ✓
Vaadin TestBench ✓ ✓ ✓
price month/developer $69 $49 $39

Is it missing? Will I get Vaadin Spreadsheet for 39 USD, too, or do I need an extra Licence?

Do I get more benefits than the licenses when I take the subscription? Additional Support?

It’s not listed on that page, because the stable version is not released yet. There’s currently just the release candidate, but if you have Pro Tools subscription, you should get the key for that.

Pro Tools subscription only includes the license subscription; support plans are separate.