Pro License problems after 23.2.0 upgrade

I have a pro license and have been using it for almost two years. I just upgraded from v23.1.7 to 23.2.0 and after successful loading I soon got a license error saying The provided license key does not allow usage of vaadin-board 23.2.0 Is there something I have to configure differently?

I think you have to create a new key, possible that the format changed in the years

Other than that, this thread could help as well

I forgot to say that we are developing offline. Seems I have to provide a “machine id” and that this is supposed to be printed in the console. So far I have not found any Id of that sort.

Oh! Interesting new feature… haven’t seen that popping up in our offline CI

It happened once I accessed a page with a commercial component.

Okay so I still wonder how I can get past this problem. How to provide machine id from my offline development machine so I can transfer the license over?

it says that this is printed in the build or when you start the app and the license is missing

No, it says its printed in the console when U use the product that requires the license. In that case console would maybe mean browser console. I find this confusing. I cannot find the ID. I will take another look in both consoles.

There is no machine id in my IDEA console. In the browser console I do see a license check failed for vaadin-board and vaadin-grid-pro but no machine id anywhere.

Anyways I should probably try to reference the license in another way than I used to. I have it here c:\Users\[username]\.vaadin\proKey

For me, the whole licensing stuff is very confusing, and I’m happy that I always have an internet connection.
I’m already scared when my customers upgrade to 23.2, and I have to help them setting the license key on Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub etc

I really liked the fact that I used to just reference a downloaded fresh new license key without any more fuss. This worked great offline. If I have to renew the key very often this might just be very painful. Can’t imagine how this will become when we finally expand the team. Also I do know where I can find the machine Id.
Just now I have to rollback unless someone soon finds the answer.

If I run a mvn package -Pproduction without internnet connecion I get

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:23.2.0:build-frontend (default) on project tosca-develop: Execution default of goal com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:23.2.0:build-frontend failed: Error retreiving your subscription key from the server. Please try again or download the key manually from If you need to work offline then please go to to retrieve an offline key. For troubleshooting steps, see Unknown host -> [Help 1]

there you see the machine id

Okay thanks. Will look for it.

I do not get the same message.

I get something like this:

[ERROR] Unable to validate subscription. Please go to .....

This is when build-frontend is happening

That looks like it thinks you aren’t offline

I had pointing at my local ip in my hosts
I removed that line so no I get lots of warnings and further down I can now see the machine id