Pressing F5 during application

hello all

I am doing an app with vaadin and when I start the application everything is ok. But if I press the F5 button on the browser (native browser refresh) my whole application disappears… I have to concatenate ?restartApplication on the URL to see it again. I’ve been reading that the proper behaviour should be to show the current window with no changes. I’m using the ThreadLocal Pattern to save the application and DB references… i dont know if this piece of information is relevant… Do I have to do anything special to maintain the current window visible after the browser refresh.

Thanx Bruno

Indeed, the expected behavior would be to have nothing changed, so there’s something iffy going on… Do you get some errors/exceptions in your server’s console? have you checked whether your layouts are valid with the “?debug” URI parameter?

What comes into mind is that some component you’re using is either done “wrong”, or throws some kind of unexpected javascript exceptions.