Pre-select a value on ComboBox when using LazyQueryContainer

I am extending the LazyQueryContainer and implementing Container.Filterable so I can use it with a ComboBox to implement the filtering ourselves while loading the items lazily. I am using the BeanQueryFactory with my own implementation of AbstractBeanQuery to load the data.

Now I would like to know if it is possible to bind the combo box to a property in an object.
For example, I would like to bind the _country property from the Address object to the combo box.

class Address{
Country _country;


class Country{
int _id;
String _name;

I tried using MethodProperty but it throws a Property.ConversionException. Is there a way to set the selected bean as the value?
I am working around this by getting the selected BeanItem from the container and using the bean inside it.
However I cannot do a comboBox.setValue on this to pre-select the item when editing the Address object.

Thank you.